Deaf Cambrian Aliens

You can have my father's arms
You can have my mother's milk
You can have me as a friend
You can have my woman's womb

Please, make yourself at home
Take my seat and eat my steak
Only one thing I must ask from you

Let me fed on your stinking shit
I want it filling up my lungs

I will send my children to do your chores
I will send my sisters to sew your clothes
I will kick my granpa out of his room
So you can bring your bed and all your friends

I will listen to and learn your jokes
Think of ways to keep you pleased
Whatever it takes for you to

Let me fed on your stinking shit
I want it filling up my lungs

I want you to fed me on your stinking shit
I want you to bend me over and fuck my ass
I want you to tell me what to do and where to go

You can have my father's arms
You can have my mother's milk
You can have shit!


Madre y hermana, confidente y cómplice. Amante incansable, fuerza incontenible.


Original Lie

what i wanted i couldn't have
there was a stain in my way
on the back of my head
from the dark ages of my dreams

reaching a star just to watch it die
the eyes of a sphinx licking on your skin
flagellating on your sins
inside of your rusted lungs

deep within, far inside
long ago, far away
open doors, closed hearts
another shelter thrown apart

rusted lungs and hearts and sounds
mutilated hands in vain
a rain drop's tryin to survive
between thigs of broken glass

circles and squares they look the same at night
light and darkness: shameless lovers
overjoyed in their primal screams
aware we are one and the same

we're one and the same, we cannot see
were born naked and mad in red
we're one and the same yet so apart
divided by a dirty steel veil

what i wanted i could see
what i wanted i could have
now it's gone and lost in time
but we're still here you, i & i

them and us is the original lie
them and us is the original lie
them and us should be crucified
for you and i and ours yet to come


Eterno soñador amante de la oscuridad, amigo de la soledad y enamorado perdido del amor.

Por algo así como 3 años, esa era la descripción que daba la bienvenida a la sección "Who's this biatch?"; 3 años no son nada, pero son suficientes para transformar radicalmente a una persona. En mi caso, considero que los cambios han sido sutiles pero muy importantes; la mayoría de ellos, quizá soy el único que los advierte.

Como sea, creí que era tiempo de cambiar esa descripción: Hoy me considero tan amante de la oscuridad como lo soy de la luz, hoy puedo ver que esa soledad era autoinflingida, y que por el amor no estoy perdido, que no debería estarlo nadie jamás.

Bienvenidos sean a Limbo, el lugar a donde vienen a parar mis destellos de consciencia e inconsciencia.

Todos somos uno.

Metal Opera: Rehabklok

Pickles the drummer es enviado a rehabilitación por comportamiento errático durante un concierto; mientras tanto, es sustituido por la X2P1158 quien parece encajar perfectamente en la banda. Esta es la historia de lo que sucedió:

"I Gotta Get Clean"

They did it! They did it!
They finally fucking did it!
They threw me under the bus!
They think they're so perfect
Can handle their booze
Well I'll tell you something:
They can NOT!

Why would they want to get rid of me?!
I'm fun and totally cool!
Unless they've been talkin' behind my back
And they know something I do not...

I've never been so betrayed!
Those bastards want me out of the way, yeah!
Send me away so I can get clean,
I think I know what they really mean
I think they plunge me deeper
So they can fuckin' replace me

I can't believe that it's come to this.
Some filled with anger and some with piss
I call them friends, I call them family!
Now I think that they're replacing me

Replace me,
Don't replace me!
Please don't replace me!
I gotta get clean! I gotta get clean!
I gotta get clean!
Oh god, I gotta get clean!

But it looks like the party's over
Gonna have one more for the road
Feel like I never really got to know ya, heh
Not really...
You gave me so much,
I don't think I'm ready to let go.

You gave me courage,
You gave me class
You gave me confidence
And I don't know what I'm gonna do
Without you!
Without you...

God, I don't know what I'm gonna do without you...

Oh god... oh no...
It's the saddest day in the world
This is the saddest day in the world

This is the saddest day in the world
This is the saddest day in the world
This is the saddest day in the world...

"Why I Drank"

Oh, I hate rehab so damn much!
I can't get out, I can't get out!
They drag me back,
I kick and fight
I'm spittin' on things,
I'm starting fights!
Lack of booze is killing me!
I need a drink, give me a drink!
Ah, rehab sucks! I wanna run away!
But those doctors are making me stay and they say...

(Rehab Physician)
We've got several steps you need to complete,
So you can get clean--get back on your feet.

(Rehab Patients)
I don't need this; I don't need your fucking help.
You're all stupid idiots,
You can all go to hell.

Shock 'em now, there is no escape
Same goes for all of you
Until I let you out of this place!
Now, you all have problems, that's the truth!
You're narcissistic parasites,
But we can save you

But you got to tell us why
All the reasons you got high
The reason that you used
The cause for your abuse!

If we could find out why
We could treat you inside
The action that we'll take--
Why did you drink?

I drank because it's cool!

Why did you drink?!

I drank because it tastes good!

Why did you abuse?!

I really like the flavour!

That just won't do!

It'll have to do!
It'll have to do!
It'll have to do!

If you don't tell me what I need to hear
You'll never get clean
You'll always live in fear!
You'll never go home
You'll be replaced in your band
Do you know what I mean?

Yes, I understand!
When I was a boy, I was traumatized
I was six years old and my brother lied!
He burned down the garage,
And he blamed it on me
And that was the first time I ever had a drink

I drank, I drank
I drank it all away
It's my brother's fault!
It's my brother's fault!

You must forgive your brother!

... No way.


I think that they're onto me,
No, I'm not drinking...
But I'm still not really clean
Til I finish my last step,
Of forgiving my brother
I am still dead to them

I see the way they look at me,
They think I'm not good as that dumb machine!
As long as that dumb machine is here
I won't be in to lead as clear...

So now I am forced
To go and forgive my stupid brother
In Australia
And if he accepts,
Then I can rejoin my band
and play that gig we have scheduled there!
And the robot will be out

But something tells me
He won't go lightly
There might be danger!

Danger (x19)

(There will Be danger)

I am a machine
I am alive
I am a god
I am machine

(Invitado especial: Jack Black)

The Nowhen Man

there he goes by the beach
nowhere to go, the nowhen man
no looking back, not so far ahead
constantly late 'til it was too late

all his friends long retired
a fastpaced life they used to live
youngsters too young, bats too high
to realize how short their time is

all the lips he ever tried
withered and died, found their vase
between the lines, the makeup and tears
getting closer to the door

tastes from the past, lack of that spark
a noisy urge to try and go back
when your eyes are on the road
where are the clouds? where are the stars?

the nowhen man got lost in his mudglass
the nowhen man did not hear the gun

No pienses en cuánto te cuesta a ti,

Piensa en lo que le cuesta al planeta.

Somos de tierra, no de plástico.

Hace 200 años.

Hace 200 años, un cabrón se agarró los webos y dijo "Hasta aquí". Hace 200 años, un cabrón se puso de pie ante el tirano, se hizo escuchar la voz e inconformidad de los de abajo contra los de la silla acolchonada. Hace 200 años, un cabrón se puso de pie ante el gobierno que pisoteaba a su gente. Hoy, nos sentamos cómodamente a chatear y a feisbuquear, mientras que las cosas están tan jodidas para la mayoría y nuestros gobernantes parasitarios salen a sus balcones a gritar hipócritamente el nombre del país que están contaminando con su avaricia, a gritar en vano el nombre de valientes que murieron para sacar de su trono a criminales como ellos.

Las fiestas del bicentenario son la cosa más irónica y nefasta que han concebido nuestros líderes. Más apropiado sería un funeral, en memoria de una nación que ha caído víctima de la corrupción y el conformismo.

Vivan los héroes que nos dieron patria y libertad.

Full of Love

When I was a little child I wanted to be your son
They told me you were full of love
Praise your wisdom and learn your word

As I grew up and saw the world things began to make no sense
They told me you were full of love
Yet they killed people in your name

People singing, dancing in your day
Telling others how they should behave
People dressed as funeral clowns
Raping children and throwing stones

It wasn't long before I realized: Sell salvation, fill the world with lies
Flaunting love while spreading hate
Using your name for their own evil ends

They told me you were full of love
They all tell me you are full of love
Now I'm wondering: Were you ever here?
I close my eyes and there's no one there

Cultivo humano

Libertad de expresión, libertad de asociación, libertad de credo. Derecho a guardar silencio.

El siguiente video nos habla brevemente de un tema que se menciona en Zeitgeist, mecanismos de control para mantenernos donde a otros les conviene, la evolución de los métodos de cultivo humano.

Vamos, anda a dormir que mañana hay que ir temprano a trabajar. Esos impuestos no se van a pagar solos, o sí?

Calm, fitter, healthier and more productive.
A pig in a cage on antibiotics. -
Fitter Happier by Radiohead

Postulados del ser

1.- Tú eres más importante que cualquier otra persona, para ti.
Tú no eres más importante que cualquier otra persona, para el todo.
3.- Ninguna persona es más importante que el todo, para todos.

De nuevo divagando.
Mis ojos se ven bien.
¿Acaso mis ojos ven bien?

La Buharida

stained walls and sticky floor
empty cans and broken glass
smoke, piss, beer and sex smell
there's no place like home

if you're happy or sad or just because
to celebrate something or nothing at all
there's a fridge with no food inside
so you can come over anybeer you like

metal cactuses and party cats
laughin madmen and bad mean girls
joker chairs and a gruyere wall
a kidnapped goalie and a wise shaman

how many times have we got fucked up?
how many more have we just passed out?!
how many times did you score?
how many times? how many lips?

really slowed down or quite overclocked
juicy and bright in those endless nites
launch the missils at the first chance
nastier and louder every fucking time

it is a place to wear your real self
to be anything you want to be
sing and scream and lose your voice
dance and jump and break a leg

your vip pass is a cold beer
we're open 24/7 to any willing soul
the beds are ready in case you ever dare
honor your family, we all are it

Karma is a bitch

Rolling stones tumbling and trampling down the cliff
Rolling stones with no remorse nor concern
But little do they know and naught do they care
How long they roll is how hard they'll get hit


Quiero usar hoy mi camisa más sucia y mi pantalón más cansado. Quiero pisar esta noche la tierra húmeda de un lugar al que no iría nunca una criatura diurna, quiero caminar entre las nubes y los alientos cálidos que emanan desde el interior de cada uno de los desconocidos que formarán mi familia, sólo esta noche.
Quiero escuchar un buen rock mal tocado por chicos que crean en lo que están haciendo. Quiero asirme con fé a un vaso desechable cargado de alcohol, embriagarme y perderme entre la multitud, esperando que un par de ojos azúles me encuentren y, así, perdernos juntos en la complicidad del ruido y de la oscuridad.
Quiero reir y saltar y gritar y sudar, quiero no poder recordar qué era aquello que busco olvidar, quiero sentir que no hay nada pendiente esperándome al amanecer, que no hay explicaciones que dar ni a quien darlas.
Quiero que me besen, que me golpeen, que me griten y que me susurren, que me hagan sentir tan vivo como nunca y que me hagan desear estar muerto.
Quiero la paz, quiero una revolución y la quiero ahora, que dejen de darse de palos y que aprendan todos a ser hermanos. Quiero despertar con un beso en la mejilla y hacer la guerra en la cama, dejar mil cabellos en la almohada.
Quiero ser tres personas, que todos lo vean pero nadie lo entienda. Quiero vivir desde hoy en mi cabeza, lejos de sus celdas.
Quiero morir como aprendí a vivir: Sin arrepentimientos.

..¿Y tú qué quieres?


1810 - Estalla la Guerra por la Independencia de México, desafiando el poder de la Corona Española.

1910 - Estalla la Guerra de la Revolución Mexicana, en contra de la dictadura del Gral. Porfirio Díaz.

2010 - ¿Estamos contentos con la manera en que se conduce al país? ¿Contentos con todo lo que está sucediendo allá afuera? ¿Contentos con la mala distribución de riquezas? ¿Nos parece coherente enfrentarnos a una feroz crisis económica cuando nuestros funcionarios reciben salarios de 6 cifras? ¿Es lógico exportar todos nuestros recursos naturales para poder comprar productos extranjeros de mala calidad? ¿Parece razonable trabajar durante 12 meses para tener 2 semanas de morfina en forma de papel? Yo creo que no. No me gusta pensar que trabajamos para el bienestar nuestros gobernantes cuando debería ser al revés. No concibo la idea de un servidor público que busca un cargo para procurar sólo el bienestar propio.

Resistencia no violenta. Boicot económico. Levantamiento armado. Decidir de qué manera lo haremos es tarea de todos pues no somos 100, sino millones. Si logramos hacerlo juntos se sentirá la fuerza y la inconformidad del pueblo dejando a los de arriba dos opciones: El cambio en beneficio de todos o tachar de terroristas a los que levantemos la voz. Inteligencia colectiva, bienestar mutuo.

No se trata de dinero. No se trata de poder. Se trata de uno y de todos como una sola entidad consciente. Hablemos de una lucha desde adentro hacia afuera con un objetivo común: Paz.

Are you free?

Politics, Religion, Money... What is it all about?

Política, Religión, Dinero... ¿De que se trata todo esto?

Here we have a two-part documentary that may offend someones' feelings, but I hope it will caught at least someone's attention. This is not for us to accept it as truth, this is for us to think about the world we're living in. The world we've created.

Aquí tenemos un documental en dos partes que puede ofender los sentimientos de algunos, pero espero que atrape la atención de uno por lo menos. No es para que lo aceptemos como la verdad, es para que pensemos sobre el mundo en el que vivimos. El mundo que hemos creado.

Just click the links, they'll take you to YouTube. Relax your body, open your mind.

Sólo den click en los vínculos, los llevarán a YouTube. Relajen el cuerpo, abran su mente.