Leaving Cabo

Floating away on green clouds tonight
Swimming deep in the golden sea
All these strangers are my best friends
And all these girls are you

Neverending tea party in Hell
There are no rules in this carnevil
If you dare to wish then you can feel
I would trade it all for you

Lying here on the floor again
Drunk and sick since last night
Unluckly sober enough to realize
We will never be again

Below a cloudy sky making love to moon light
From the darkness you came to me.
Lost in a whirlwind of laughter, makeup, tears and your lips
Into the darkness I was left behind.

Just like a piper at The Gates of Dawn
And you had to answer his call
Chose a lame excuse for a rockstar
Always a better choice than a junkstar

What used to be just a casual walk
Became a senseless marathon
The only thing I lied to you about
The only way to ease the pain

In my dreams you never ran away
In the mornings you're not there
And I see you everywhere I go
And I'll always scream your name heart out

I am drinking your sweat, I am smoking your eyes,
I am sniffing your hair and I'm touching your breasts

But you've got a different face everynight