junkrock song

Sip, sip, sipitty sip
How many drops til we get to the top?
Breath in, hold, breath out
Just a few sparks, we'll be walking on clouds

Sniff, sniff, sniff without sneeze
Smash your head against the wall
Lick, pop, loli lollipop
Cosmic experience to undress your soul

Ping, pong, tic, tac, toe
I'm getting to you, you dirty Poe
Earth, water, wind and fire
Foundations of consciousness much much higher

In, out and in between
Think of myself but not what's mine
Upside down and backwards in time
Upside down and backwards in time

Due to joy or boredom or sorrow
A lack of excuse'll never be an excuse
Storming lights and beats, the might of mother nature
Alone with your thoughts, amongst a thousand skins

Scrap this reality, make up your own
Forget what you know, discover your world
Take off your clothes, free your love and your lust
Take off your clothes, free your mind and your soul

Sepia Dream

light through the beholder's eye
inside a vase filled with sounds
ghostly echoing made-up pasts ago

sparks crackling and the gears setting in
wild stupid shortlong ride
waiting for it or not, a star fell down to you

aware of it or not, lights blinking on and off
delighted on it or more, the fear is building up
running away or home, blinding darkness spread
as a crack in the sky, a sepia dream tore apart

the revolution began, tip of tongue might
a fierce rush within, all roads shone gold
seven stars alligned, two eyes in the sky
slow beating of life grows strong and explodes

explore deep within
ignore polluting screams
bone shielding putrid thoughts and sharpened lies

rot bolt, power rod
holy ivory slime
crawling down on temples walls

rip my flesh with teeth and salt
bleed out my thin drunken blood
dispel all my thoughts away
let me rest in peace with self

let me rest in peace again


El Sol ha llegado, y por él las criaturas son en La Tierra.
Brota la hierba y danzan las praderas. Tiemblan las cavernas.

La lluvia se fue, y tras ella salieron las criaturas de la tierra,
Unas a cantar para ella, otras a gritar blasfemias. Todas ellas vigorozas.

El viento acaricia tus mejillas y lleva tus cabellos a mis manos,
Mis ojos a tus labios, tus labios a los míos, tus ojos dentro de mí.

Fuego que alumbra.
Luz que ciega.
Ceguera que ilumina.