Night Diving Wooden Chair

Wooden chair, wooden chair
What the fuck are you doing there?
Playing tag with a swordfish?
Why are you naked?!

Wooden chair, wooden chair
Tell me how did you got there
You know you could have got hurt!
You should know your place!

People's asses on your face
You may call that a living
You could say it is an easy way!
But that is no life!

Wooden chair, wooden chair
You better get back here right now
We'll take it easy on you, yeah
Forget what you've seen

People's asses on your face
You may call that a living
You could say it's an easy way!
But that is no life!

You think we are all the same!
You're wrong, look at my serial number!
Mass-fabricated brainless clones?!
You're wrong, look at my serial number!

I might be wood but I'm not a marionette
I might be there but I am not yours

Gypsy Chronicles

It was one of those nights whose only thing they share is they are unique
It was a hell of a trip for a boy and a girl with a hunger for life
With the stars as their guide in a surreal town full of adventures to be found
Walking on crowed streets, running wild and free from mortal bounds

Barely knowing each other in the strict sense of the word
Holding hands while exchanging a smile and that's enough to believe in two
Looking straight into the other one's eyes, speaking silent words of faith
Trying to find their place in a world divided by nonsensical laws

Patron Saint of success and excess
Tumbling among madmen let us drive'em insane
Dangerously stupid and highly contagious
For ours, theirs and everybody's entertainment

A reckless ride over an alcohol waterfall
Falling down, bleeding laughters, no time for feeling down
A glorious past relived through solemn chantings
Flirting bodies dancing in joy, my lips on yours

Jumping, screaming, sweating and longing
Howling prayers for a neverending midnight mass
Two rocketed bombs colliding high in the sky
Karmic energy release rewarding weary minds and hearts

The adrenaline surge triggers a riot by the shore
Raising havoc in hope for igniting the spark of freedom
Dogs try in vain to ruin the fun they can't have (Just doing their job, can't blame them)
Once more swimming in the dark, once again I dive into your smile

After chaos comes the soothing breath of a sleeping sea
Dreaming of two lovers savoring what is and what could be
Two souls amalgamating in a timeless kiss onstage
Performing for a mesmerized audience yet to come

At the end of a rocky road lies a bed with golden sheets
At the edge of the world, hulking walls of sea break and salute
Playing the epic soundtrack for a belated cosmic funeral
Waiting for the Sun to come to end it all and start again
Supermassive forces in your eyes drive me closer and closer to you
There's nothing I can do but to succumb into those lips of yours
Lullabied by the delicate twirling of your hair over your face
I wait for you to fall asleep so I can play to guess your dreams

Rest well, my girl, for tomorrow is just minutes ahead.