De nuevo divagando.
Mis ojos se ven bien.
¿Acaso mis ojos ven bien?

La Buharida

stained walls and sticky floor
empty cans and broken glass
smoke, piss, beer and sex smell
there's no place like home

if you're happy or sad or just because
to celebrate something or nothing at all
there's a fridge with no food inside
so you can come over anybeer you like

metal cactuses and party cats
laughin madmen and bad mean girls
joker chairs and a gruyere wall
a kidnapped goalie and a wise shaman

how many times have we got fucked up?
how many more have we just passed out?!
how many times did you score?
how many times? how many lips?

really slowed down or quite overclocked
juicy and bright in those endless nites
launch the missils at the first chance
nastier and louder every fucking time

it is a place to wear your real self
to be anything you want to be
sing and scream and lose your voice
dance and jump and break a leg

your vip pass is a cold beer
we're open 24/7 to any willing soul
the beds are ready in case you ever dare
honor your family, we all are it